Exist a new European surrealism?

What for the Surrealists were dreams to Rauch and Brossa are messages from the unconscious. For Neo Rauch dreams are unrealistic. For Victor Brossa, dreams are as real as any memory.


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The distinctive and atmospheric paintings of the German artist Neo Rauch (born 1960) defy easy interpretation, falling somewhere between Surrealism and popular imagery. At once familiar yet alienating, seemingly full of activity yet emotionally static, Rauch’s large-format pictures combine real, narrative and dreamlike elements, and transport the viewer into bizarre landscapes populated with semi-recognizable figures and strange beings.


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Creator and highest example of what is known as The ART OF CONSCIENCE OR CONSCIENT ART, this spanish artist with connections in Spain, Germany and Mexico, opens the concept of art to display a work characterised by diversity, where the artist renounces slavery to a sole identifying style or technique, embracing several forms of expression, each one adapted to the message that he wants to transmit or share in each specific case.
Victor Brossa’s art is characterised by unfolding in different thematic series, where besides the aesthetic sense and sacredness of art, the effect of the work over the viewer at subconscious levels  is valued, returning to the artist’s studio the model of the alchemist laboratory of the Renaissance, where art is at the service of health, balance and wellbeing.
Marked influence of surrealism and symbolism, Victor Brossas work distinguished from surrealism to say that there is no difference between the world of fantasy and what we call the real world.​
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